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Live chess freeze

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    I have lost so many ranking points due to live chess freezing up. I try to email staff and I don't hear back. The problem seems to be worsening and happening more frequently. Modes this happen to others?

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    Sorry you're having issues! What happens when live chess freezes exactly? Are you not able to move any pieces? Does your entire browser freeze?

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    I've had that problem twice while using my Google nexus 7 tablet. The last time after I make my move, my screen shows my opponents clock running but never showed up on his screen. I left live chess server and logged back on, then it said I resigned.

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    I thank you for getting back to me. It appears as though its my opponent's move and then the clock runs out and I lose. It's happened a lot recently.

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    Does it happen on a phone, tablet, or regular computer?

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    What did he say that got him banned?

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    At first I thought that Supreme_Overlord had changed his username to UVEK-POBEDNIK and got banned, and I was like "nooooooooo," but then I checked, and Supreme_Overlord's account is still there.

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    It probably happened 10 times yesterday. 2 or 3 of those went to someone else's game in the middle of my game and went that was over I lost ranking points and got the loss. Is there something that can be done? Is the web site working on this? What's the deal?

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    Jac1yn???? Anything I can do? It just happened again.

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    Are you trying to fix this? It just happened again.

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    I get a similar error in live chess on my android phone. I have a full signal and/or connected to wifi, and it freezes with "Reconnecting...." prompt. Eventually the application crashes and I cannot rejoin the live game as the application tells me to sign out and back in. No matter how many times I sign out and sign back in, same error.

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    @Jsg222- What tablet are you using? Are you using a Chess.com app or a mobile browser? 

    @heimdall53- What version of the Android app are you currently on? Have you tried a fresh install of the app?

    Thanks for the information guys.

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    I have the same problem on a PC, wifi connection, XP and Chrome

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    Attempting a fresh install... I will post an update soon. As far as the version, I made sure I was on the latest update.

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    same problem, games freeze.. appears to my opponent's turn but the time runs down and then the game is awarded to my opponent... what's really annoying is chess.com then assumes I'm letting the time run down warns me about my fairplay and then even makes me wait between games.  I've tried speaking to help & support but they just send pre-written responses which don't address my problem.  Their final word was that it's my internet connection however I've had the same connection for two years and have been playing happily, so much so I paid for membership... it's been a month now that I can't play but I can surf other sites and watch video so I think it's a bug in chess.com....

    Unfortunately they are not interested... does anyone no another chess site that's any good?

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    @knightonthetiles- Sorry you're having issues with the android app :( Our team is currently working on a fix for the issue you've described.

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    my board is freezz and i can't move so this resion i have bigg problen to play , this will happen after taking premium membership . so if it occure always how i get diomond membership.

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    @ravindra1969- is this in live chess or online chess? Have you been able to play since?

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    i play only when game is open with face book

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