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multiple accounts for family members

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    We have one computer, but more than one member in the household would like an account. Can we set this up?

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    You will each need to use a separate email address to join. Once you are all set up, you cannot play any rated games against each other on the same computer and you each must log out after playing and make sure you aren't playing on one another's account. Also, to avoid confusion, it's a good idea to write to us at support and let us know the usernames of everyone so that we can have a heads up in case you are suspected of having multiple accounts. 

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    what is the process to inform about it to chess.com ?

  • #4

    I'm from a middle class family.We have 1 laptop.My sis,I & my brother use the same laptop for playing chess here in chess.com.

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    you can do this by submitting a ticket -- click on Help & Support from the link at the bottom of the page, then 'Contact Support' at the bottom left of that page. That will take you to http://support.chess.com/Tickets/Submit 

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    Sir,I dont understand it.I went to that page but there are many options.In which option should I click ?

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    Would be nice to have a family account and be able to switch between users with easy. And by the way, little kids don't have email accounts. Which makes the whole sign-up deal very inpractical.

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    I agree with Dora2005. There should be a way to sign up multiple family members with a single email address, and...the wonderful folks at Chess.com need to understand that many kids are not permitted to have their own email accounts. Can someone from Chess.com speak to this issue?

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    I'm in the trial. I was hoping to find a good resource for teaching my son chess. This is not it. Though it claims to be.


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