No friends playing?

Since the update, I haven't been able to any friends play..... Am I the only one?

Are you asking about the app or website? Also, what happens when you try?

I have the app on my iPhone.... and when I choose the Watch feature., I have two choices: top games and friends.... I can watch top games but I can't watch friends' games. Every time I I press the tab for friends games: the message "No Friends Playing" displays.

Then that means that none of your friends are in Live actively playing a game.

At this point, I'd say it's not coincidental. And, my friends are still there....
Maybe it's a glitch exclusive to the update for certain iPhones? If it's only happening to me.... that would be a weird concern....

I have the same problem - I can't see friends play who I know are playing. 

I have the same problem with my iPhone and I KNOW they're playing because I'm in the same room sometimes when they are. And no Friends are EVER online anymore which is absurd.

Yes I have the same problem. Been a problem since the update. A couple weeks. Anyone have solutions?


I have since seen other topics about it on iOS. Likely a bug. It probably has been reported but you can report it through Settings > Report Problem


This feature seems to ve been broken since the last update.



see post #7


I'm glad I'm not alone...happy.png


I'm having the same thing but only with one of my friends and his secondary account also. The rest of my friends I can see their games. Weird thing is he is online and in live chess when i look at my friends list but when i go to live chess hes not there and doesnt show up. Were both on computer as well. 

Such a buggy app. I’m sat in the same room as one friend, both on the app, both ready to play. App says we are both offline and doesn’t deliver any notifications. Completely broken