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no sound

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    The sound in live chess has stopped working. I get sound on other sites and I also checked to see if sound was enabled and it was. There was nothing altered on my system. Were there any changes on your end that might effect sound in live chess? 

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    Also I robooted the problem still exists

  • #3

    Which browser and version are you using and on which operating system so I can check this for you?

  • #4

    Thank you for you're response. I'm using Internet Explorer andthe operating system is Windows 7 professional

  • #5

    Do you know which version of IE it is ?

  • #6

    Hi Kohai, it reads Internet Explorer 8. However it was working fine for about two years and I can get sound on other sites just fine. I also updated my Java but that did not help either.

  • #7

    Hi Kohai, can you help me with my no sound problem?

  • #8

    Working on it :(

  • #9

    Kohai, did you make any progress on my not having any sound with live chess on chess.com?

  • #10

    Not really. I was testing a lot of things recently for live chess, and the sound did play ok for me on there.

    Java is mainly used for things like 'against the computer'  or ' finish vs computer'.

    Can you check for me you have the latest Flash installed?

  • #11

    Yes I do

  • #12

    i have the same issue in the latest version of Firefox.

  • #13

    Hi Harvy2004, Do you have sound on other Chess sites?

  • #14

    Thanks for the suggestion Blindside, however, I have tried that many times. It doesn't work.

  • #15

    i have got the same problem, for just a short time.

    i am justing firefox 3, already tried deleting cache or cookies, but on my live games there will no sound appear, no other applications like youtube or other sound players were open at that time.

    is there a solution?

  • #16

    I have the same no sound problem using firefox and safari (max OS 10.7).

    Worse is that using Chrome (my default browser) the live chess board does not show up at all!  This problem started a few days ago (march 13th I believe).

    I tried switching to firefox and safari to feed my live chess addiction but as I said above, the sound would not work on those browsers and that throws off your game when you're used to sound in speed chess.

    Please fix the chrome problem!  Thanks,

  • #17

    Hi rmd99,  I'm just Curious how long did you use this site before you started to have problems? Also are you having problems on other sites?

     I've used this site for aprox two years without any major sound problems before the current problem and I don't have any problems on other sites.

     I'm trying to figure out what else I can do to get my sound back. I've tried all the usual fixes, updated everything and there have been no major changes in my system. 

  • #18

    Hi szym,

    Sound is now working on both fire fox and safari (on my mac). I'm not sure what caused the problem or how it got fixed but.  (It may have been from clearing my cache? )

    Live chess is still not working for me at all in the chrome browser (which is unfortunate because chrome is my favorite).

  • #19

    ((comment deleted, wasn actual anymore))

  • #20

    Hi OlafGKern, I can not solve my problem either. I find it interesting though that you've tried it on another pc and it still did not work. I'm not sure, but doesn't that mean the problem is located at the server?

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