problem with a player in the 19th chess tournament


Dear admin. There seems to be a player in the 19th chess tournament who is purposly holding up the game with extended vacation time. It has become obvious that he keeps joining tournaments and keeps holding them up as long as he can. Is there anything you can do to stop him and to let the game continue for the genuine players? His online tag is deleted by moderator because policy prohibits "naming and shaming" other players in public forums

Please help!


Report him vacation abuse. He'll run out sooner or later.


Thanks for the reply! How do I report him?


The only thing you can do is not playing in such tournaments (with long vacation times).

Your opponent has not done something which is against the rules.


There IS a such thing as vacation abuse though.


The only way to completely avoid this is to join tournaments where vacation is not allowed.


Thanks guys. Helpful advice for a newbie! Admin have advised that his behavior is acceptable despite the fact many players think it totally unfair!! I'll take your advice and pick another tourney next time :)