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  • #1

    ok now, how is it that u unsubscribe fro a certain lil group.

  • #2

     Who will fall for this troll first?

  • #3

    You did Joseph.

  • #4

    go to your group rat and click on this....

  • #5
    kco wrote:

    You did Joseph.

    No, the first person to help the Rat that really didn't need help, was the first one to fall for the troll.    Smile

  • #6

    @ kco

     Take heart down there.  Your days are getting longer now.

  • #7

    thank you kco my lil buddy-roe

  • #8

    can some1 show a felllow how u r to defeat a fellow chess player sighed real intrested by the rat.

  • #9

    What the Rat looks like every time Kohai catches him trolling in Help & Support.            Smile

  • #10

    hey mrs. kohai pleasent nite isnt it  but r u married cause u sound realy like a realy nice lady, if ur not married can i be put on ur list n not that list either? wow you type with such elegance yowza babe.

  • #11

    can some1 please tell me where i can find some good n posibly free clipart, n HELLO MRS. KOHAI PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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