Renewed email not working properly

Polar_Bear offered free e-mail in the past, but this service was discontinued. However it is still advertised here:

therefore I suppose intends to offer adequate replacement in the form of AddThis e-mail. Although I can easily send an e-mail as (I have never registered in the past), I met some serious bugs I would like to get fixed:

1) AddThis doesn't recognize my account and treats me like anonymous (requires captcha etc).

2) I can send an e-mail as anyone (e.g. kohai) and AddThis fails to block it.

3) This is perhaps the most serious one: I don't know where I can read replies.


4) The length is severely limited there to 255 characters per message.


Ahh so thats what you're doing.


I did an experiment this way:

I sent email as from AddThis to my regular e-mail. Then I send reply from my regular e-mail. Did you receive it?

How it is possible sending an e-mail from AddThis disguised as somebody else?


I remember getting told that chess com email was being fazed out and that is why I couldn't access mine any more


Yes, but staff has been aware of that 2 years. Despite this free email is still advertised on widgets.

So I came to conclusion they mean not the old mailbox, but AddThis email service (toolbar above, the white cross in red square). I feel an obligation to notice staff that AddThis email service contains serious bugs and requires a lot of fixing to become adequate full replacement for regular e-mail account.


Okay, I have made some little progress. I registered email adress in the AddThis and I can log in with it, but it still requires captcha when sending messages, length remains limited and I can't find inbox.


I filled a ticket and wait for response.


Staff cannot help me, so I wrote to AddThis support center.





AddThis staff confirmed me they don't provide fully-fledged email service and Jaclyn ( staff) claims they aren't affiliated with


So all the emails that are on them none of us can access them? That sucks


Still no news?

jdcannon has been removed completely. What error are you still having?