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rude opponent

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    Just in case you want to know - I sent her a message with apologies, set the conditional moves until the mate and will do the same with the second game too. Thanks for your posts, bye.

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    I think that was great of you Senor! :)

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    I want to know if you end up dating her!! ;)

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    JadedPawn napísal

    I want to know if you end up dating her!! ;)

    To be honest, when I clicked first on her profile, she reminded me A LOT a girl from my country whom I really like, but ended up being friendzoned. Since we have met once and probably will never again. Also, my actual girlfriend would perhaps have something to say about that :)

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    Bicarbonatofsoda wrote:

    if anyone is ever adversely affected by non-resigners, please call freefone


    I tried the number...and it doesn't work....

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