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sry im being real

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    yes i need to talk to david puree i need to ask sumthin

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    I would like to speak to Levon Aronian about a loan, please.

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    i'd like to have a few minutes with dwight eisenhower.  or andrew higgins.

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    I like to have a word with God.

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    I have a conference call scheduled tomorrow with Jim Morrison, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, and The Dude. Can't wait.

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    this thread feels like it can still go either way. 

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    Sry im being real

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    This thread could reach 1000 posts, but only if this_thread appears.

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    this_thread hurt a lot of feelings around here.  

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    This_thread lives next to david puree. They are good friends.

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    that doesn't make any sense to me.

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    ^ Perfect avatar for this!  

    To summarize:

    You have a rat after you, and;

    Please tell your neighbor to get involved.

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     yoooooooooooooo david dudddeee how ya doing since the last time we spoke n i realy dont want everyone else to know what im gonna ask so i prefer u email me if u will n i dont every 1 to know my address so u can get it from the office

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    Why cant I start threads like this?

  • #16

    You can. Just be prepared for the consequences.

  • #17

    serious consequences.

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    TMIMITW wrote:

    You can. Just be prepared for the consequences.

    Like random pictures of baby animals and hollywood celebs

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    Apparently our OP doesn't know about the messaging functions offered by this site.


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