Super Admin


There are people in my groups who have become super admin and I do not know how that was done! 

Egypt Chess Players 

ARAB CHESS PLAYERS - اللاعبون العرب للشطرنج 

Israel Chess Players 

Pleaz Staff delete them so I don't know any thing about them.


Hi Staff friends!

I have the same issue in my team with member grnknt he have become super admin and I do not know how that was done i just change the team picture and was trying to remove inactive members and after that appears this one as Super Admin.

Please Staff delete grnknt so I don't know any thing about him. His last login was: Aug 26, 2010

I have been Super Admin of team Puerto Rico for years since the previous version...

Thanks in advance,



Please help me too!

The member @argong was online like a super long time ago and I don't remember making him a super admin.

When I try to demote him, it says i cannot demote the current club founder, but I created the club when I had a diamond membership!

Please remove him!


The forums are mainly answered by members. You should contact the support.


Interesting forum. I am just trying to find out if these issues were resolved and how it would have happened. It’s very weird 


oh. you can't demote or kick out members when you cancelled your membership as super admin. hope this helps!


Ok! Thank you! I get that but only super admin can promote to that and even if they have membership how did they sneak in?


I do not want to enter into a discussion with that topic,

It really is a strange thing that has never happened in the past version and even stranger than that, which is my question for the site staff how did that happen specifically for the three groups?!




At the moment there is a new super admin in my group and I can not stop it

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Hi all, also in my club Team Lebanon, the founder of the club is back to Super admin and he is inactive from more than year !