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Tactics Trainer Broken

  • #1

    When I make moves in the Tactics Trainer, nothing is happening anymore, it just freezes...


    This isn't a problem with my computer, wassup?

  • #2

    I just did a problem with no issues.  Sorry I can't be more help.

  • #3

    Well it let me do like 10 problems today, when it usually only lets me do 3, but 7 of them just froze up in the middle..



  • #4

    Sounds like an "oh so subtle" marketing ploy to get you to pony up for a premium membership; kind of like only letting you watch the first 5 minutes of a video.  BTW, diamond membership is awesome unless you're really strapped for cash.

  • #5

    I'm getting tactics that freeze up, it then just keeps repeating the same frozen tactic. I'd rather not make a public complaint but there is no support or contact link that I've noticed.

    If as suggested that it's an " 'oh so subtle' marketing ploy" is true, its a very poor way of enticing me to pay a larger premium since I'm already not getting what I've apparently paid for if a simple thing such as Tactics Trainer can't even function properly. 

  • #6

    Maybe it's just a bug. Somebody hit the semicolon key somewhere in the block of code representing the tactics trainer.


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