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Where are the tools?

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    I wanted to post a topic but cudn find option to insert chess diagram. But I can see posting tips on the right Posting tips » Click to insert chess diagrams, problems, or full chess games! » Click to insert a picture or image. » Click to add a link to another webpage. » Use the other tools to format your text (colors, fonts, etc)! Click here for more information on using these editing tools!

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    Did you mean this button? I´m a basic member as well, so you should have access to it as well!

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    No i dont see tht button...
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    But it is just above the sentence you are typing!

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    I said I dont see any such option and also the box where m typing the sentence is reduced in size thn it was b4
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    Hm, they always tell here you should press Ctrl+F5, perhaps that will work...

    I dunno either

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    • Are you using a PC or  a mobile phone?
    • Which browser are you using? Could you try a different one?
    • Could be a javascript issue. _Chess_Boy_ has a somewhat similar problem.
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    m using a PC, Browser: Mozilla Firefox...
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    Did you ever get this working?

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    it works fine on chrome


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