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Which logo do you guys prefer? ( Open for everybody! )

  • #1

    Hi, my friends,


    Although this is not related to chess, I will be greatful if u guys  vote for your best logos that have in this website.  


    It is open for ANYBODY and if u guys want to vote, PLEASE DO!! THANK U!

  • #2

    @Stigmatisert yes!! Thanks!! ( What about a combination of +-*/...? What do u mean? )

  • #3

    Can I make a suggestion? I think you should make the middle word, either math or mathematics. Maths doesn't sound right! PS- I voted 

  • #4

    Tfulk: as your country is not shown on the logo I think "maths" is more appropriate. I think "math" is a USA term. You say "tomato" etc.

  • #5

    Image as described above

  • #6

    Sorry for everyone that Logos are little bit off since the word 'Maths' is WRONG... however I didn't make those logos...LOL..

  • #7

    I don't like the globe, as New Zealand is not on it!

  • #8

    Number 4, by far.

  • #9

    #5. Is my check in the mail for participating?

  • #10

    Thanks everyone, Voting has ended :)


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