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Why is the board so small?

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    I've tried adjusting the size to "mamimum," but it still seems roughly the same size as when It's set to small. I've tried both firefox and chrome. Is it even at all possible to play at full screen or close to it? Thanks.

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    Try Internet Explorer (IE).  Works for me (I think I have IE8).  Plus, with IE you can zoom in (on any web page).

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    Thanks.IE makes it a little better, but still, is full screen possible?

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    did you try adjusting the size in settings ?

    works great on firefox and opera

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    Hi guys :) If you're changing the size of the board and it doesn't seem to change- it may actually be because of the zoom feature.  If possible, try turning off the zoom on which ever browser you're using, and then doing a cache clear (clear browsing data) and visiting the page again.

    Unfortunately the zoom features can mess with sizing and layout issues on live chess. 

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    I think that the chess.com simple board settings is better as the size is more in it....:)


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