15-10 game and clock bug! 10s after each move not added!


In a winning position I lost !! Finishing like in hell blitz because no more 10s after each move! Check my last game and you will see that it was well started in a 15-10 mode! Not happy at all !


The client may not have shown it but the time was being added on the server side. If you check the game on the website archive you can verify the server timestamps.


edit: it looks like you may have been disconnected at the end since you had over 4 minutes to make your last move and it you lost on time.


Time was not added during the game, I was not disconnected and then even I played fast 1s per move (I should be credited of 10s) I lost on time!! ???

Another problem is that since yesterday my clock during the game is always going down on screen. I need to refresh my game to see the correct time! But if I don't do that clock is decrementing to .... finally 0 !!!! and then I lost the game! 


Then, the only way to fix it is to consider I have never extra 10s and finally I'm playing a game within 15 minutes only !!!! 

How to contact admin !????


How are you playing? Website? If so, what browser. App? If so, what device type and version of the app?


But the time was added. I can go through the game and see what the clock times were according to the server. What you saw in your client may be a different story.