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bullet, pre-moves and connection problems

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    Here is my problem:

    I usually play bullet (1/0) - as I enjoy it the most..

    However, my internet connection has become really bad lately (I live in a dorm, so it is shared among all of us and someone is abusing it)

    So, I have lost countless games on timeouts recently... and I will most likely just stop playing as it makes no sense any more...sometimes the clock just runs down 30sec before I get to play my move

    but what disappointed me the most is that, unless I am mistaken - if there is a connection problem and I make a pre-move... the clock still runs down... what is the point? I have already made my move.. why should I lose the seconds there? in my opinion, it is extremely unfair.

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    If you find out who the internet hog is I have lots of fun things you can do with his/her PC if they refuse to cut down on their excessive internet usage


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