Can I sue my opponent for property damage?


A good lawyer should take the case for nothing other than a contingency fee, though for suing someone else for provoking you into damaging your own property, you would just be wasting your time.  Provocation is a defense, but it would only operate as a defense on the facts given if you were suing yourself, but why would you do that, so you can pay your left hand with your right hand after winning the suit?

A_G_A wrote:

I lost a game in bullet to someone with a lower elo than me, and in rage I punched a hole in my wall. This was clearly instigated by my opponent as he won in the most dishonorable way possible, spamming premoves with his king in order to win on time.  I would like to file a lawsuit against my opponent and need to know if I have solid ground to base it on.

I do feel bad for you as many people are mocking the situation you're in,but I'll make a sensible reply.Now if I got into this situation,I'd just let it slide because I know chess isn't supposed to make you break a wall out of anger. Now for the suing part, your opponent had no way of knowing that you were going to break a wall, so suing them is very likely an impossible task. You wouldn't even have evidence about how and why the wall was broken as people won't just believe anything you say without proof. I hope you aren't too disappointed. Good luck in your future chess games and stay calm.


The problem is that even if he could prove all the material facts of the case, it would not even amount to a tort under common law principles.  There are torts of negligence, trespass to property, trespass to chattels, battery, assault, conversion, etc., but there is no cause of action for losing your temper and wrecking something of yours because someone else irritated you.

Spamming Premoves 😡😡😡 what a very unsportsmanlike way to play, yes you should sue him