Draw by threefold repetition


I believe the draw by threefold repetition is broken in the live chess server. Consider the following game.

Three positions within it were identical:
After 36. ...Qc1+
After 38. ...Qc1+
After 42. ...Qc1+

However, the game was not automatically drawn, as 9.2 of the FIDE Laws of Chess states.



Actually, the FIDE laws of ches state that one of the players has to claim a draw, same as on this site.


The game is drawn upon a correct claim by the player having the move, when the same position, for at least the third time (not necessarily by a repetition of moves):



is about to appear, if he first writes his move on his scoresheet and declares to the arbiter his intention to make this move, or



has just appeared, and the player claiming the draw has the move.


There are no automatic draws in FIDE rules, excluding insufficient material and stalemate.


How do I claim draw in live chess?


Until an arbiter comes around and knocks your heads together a la Three Stooges, there is no draw without the claim.


But point is, how would I claim a threefold repetition on the live chess server?


When you are sure it is a threefold repetition you have to click the Draw button to claim a draw. If it really isn't then it will be sent as an offer,

This comes in handy in bullet when players keep repeating moves.


Thank you.