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How to change my max rating for one game

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    I'm rated at about 1200 and my grandson (9) has  a new rating of 800, probably. I believe I have my MIN and MAX rating set to -200 and +200. (Can't figure out how I did this along time ago.). When I try to start a game see the popup telling me "max rating too high". For playing with my grandson, is it possible to override my current MIN/MAX settings?   Using the ipad app, I can't find how that is done. I would like to keep my current settings as they are, changing only to permit games with my grandson. 

    How might I do this?

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    Found it. While logged in to the web version, not ipad or phone app, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner, which displays Settings. At Settings, I chose Daily Chess, then clicked on "my friends can challenge me no matter what ". Now I can play with grandson regardless of rating limits.


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