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Options for Reporting Insults in Live Chess Chat

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    I see that I'm not the only one complaining about trash-talk here in the chat, we've all seen it before. In fact, I have personally been insulted on this website more than in all other online communities I have ever been a member of - combined!

    I know that there are some filters to handle this... but I get a lot of insults in English as well. People just use alternate typing (like fk and others) to circumvent that.

    However, an even bigger issue for me is that insults in other languages are just flying around without control - and there is no easy option to flag/mark/report such users. Yes, I can block them - and do so occasionally - but that doesn't discourage people like that for doing it again in the future.

    Here in Balkans it's quite an issue, since all of the former Yugoslav republics speak very similar languages (all the swear words are 100% the same and we all understand each other perfectly even in other contexts) - and there has been a history of conflict - so quite often there are problems when playing with people from neighboring countries.

    Just to clarify, I am not talking about the "f u" kind of curses - but people threatening to slaughter your entire family, spurting all sorts of crazy inexplicable nonesense, clear and outright fashism, etc.

    I know I'm not a paying member - and this is actually one of the reasons why I am reluctant to ever upgrade. So, this is why I am asking again (more than a year after my previous forum post on the same topic) - can we have better mechanisms to flag abusive users?

    Yes, we can just all turn off the chat - but is that really a solution?

    I mean, come on - it's 2014 now - the sort of stuff that I am talking about can be relatively easy to detect and filter out even automatically now (I actually hold a PhD in machine learning and I know the state of the art in automatic text analysis). Does chess.com still use a dictionary approach or why is this failing so often? All You need to do is have an option for users to flag all abusive chat talk + language detection (which is not that hard) and then learn a model from that...

    Also, when someone is really out of line (promoting genocide, hate speach, etc.) - there should be a button for reporting him/her directly and having the log examined by an admin.

    After all - and I am sure You will agree - this is not only 'improper' - it's also criminal - and breaking the law not only in the US (where I suppose chess.com is based), but also in the countries in question. Or am I supposed to take screenshots, send them to the police and have them query chess.com for logs for private lawsuits and criminal persecution? I don't think so - that shouldn't be the default solution.

    The reason I'm saying this is that I've personally had enough of it. I've played a ton of games here - as I'm really enthusiastic about chess and it's one of my favorite passtimes - but I'm not going to stay and play for much longer unless there is a clear effort to filter out people like this. I come here to play and not to be insulted on a national basis every single day. No sane person would ever tolerate this.

    I would like to hear Your thoughts.

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    go to support

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    Well said Sir, there are many sick people playing on Chess.com.

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    There is some kind of report you fill out. I think it's called a hurt feelings report or something like that.

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    the_cheradenine wrote:

    Yes, we can just all turn off the chat - but is that really a solution?


    I've had opponents in the past swear black and blue at me worse than any sailor when they were losing on other sites, abort, stall, throw tantrums you name it if you want to avoid drama take it from me there is no other way disable chat is your best move.

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    [Name removed by mod- no naming and shaming please], a Gold member yet allowed to issue insults on a regular basis. One reason why I would never subscribe to Chess.com. Good to see other people feel the same.


    Mod Note- if anyone is abusing you, please send in a ticket using the Help & Support link at the bottom of the page, and then go to Contact Support. 

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    Please DO NOT send reports for issues you can handle yourself by simply disabling chat.


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                There are a few foul people out of 9 million, but you've been here for 3 yrs, and you have 0 friends Gaynight??

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    Who is Gaynight?

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    All are mad.

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    Where I can over facebook chess.com to report the insulting in the game ! This down was from chat on game. I never saying things like this to no one of players ! 

    NEW GAME (1417075310) - CubeOcean vs. bukadriver (10 0 rated) (win: 6, draw: -2, loss: -10)

    bukadriver: play
    bukadriver: usa
    CubeOcean: I am thinking
    bukadriver: afff
    CubeOcean: I feel sorry for you!
    bukadriver: me to for you
    bukadriver: in any way
    CubeOcean: You can suk my dik
    bukadriver: and that means is 1:1
    CubeOcean: If you don't want to suk my dik you can leave it for your mama btch
    bukadriver: ok play talk whit your self later
    CubeOcean: What's her name?
    GAME OVER - CubeOcean vs. bukadriver - bukadriver won by checkmate 


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