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Play Long, Play Better

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    What's the satisfaction beneath a longer time control? - You get to improve calculations and most importantly TRAIN your MIDDLE GAME better. All this while, I have been playing blitz with a very short time control-usually 3 minutes.

    In the game below, I tried a 5 minute game with 2 seconds increment. It has been quite a while since I last played chess with a long time constraint. Playing white, I had all my pieces very well coordinated and my tactics improved. Having them coordinated is quite tough compared to faster blitz or bullet games where IMHO you merely throw an opening, unleash 1 or 2 plans, and then race with time.  


    Enough babbling for now. Enjoy the game! Any building C&C are very welcomed. Wink

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    My apologies for the Puzzle-mode. Reposting this article with the proper board and comments/captions will be a pain in the neck so I'll leave it the way it is. Just hit the ''solution'' button and enjoy. Cheers!

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    RoseQueen1985: At least longer than what I usually play :D My point here is, one would be able to stretch his thoughts on middle-game play further than he usually does on a game with shorter time constraint. Thanks for the comment btw.


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