Sound Issue


I recently enabled sound during live chess, and it only seems to work sometimes. There seems to be no sound whenever I make a move, and about half the time when my opponent does. Is this a glitch or is there some weird sound setting such that only your opponent's moves can make sound?

I know this is a weird inquiry, but I play a lot (way too much) of bullet and so I wanted to know what it would be like with board sounds turned on, and so far it doesn't seem to be working properly.


I get this too, using ie 11.  I work in the PC business - so if one of teh admins wants to work with me to understand what's wrong we might be able to make progress.  LiveChess is ruined by this...  Restarting PC and or browser doesn't fix it.  Disable then Enable sound doesn't fix it.


Thanks for reporting this! We need more information about this issue. I have sent you both a site message asking for details. Would you get back to me on this as soon as you can please? 

Thanks again!


This happens to me a lot as well. Frequently I'll get the sound effect for me moving a piece, but not for my opponent, which is pretty odd. It's a bit of a nuisance if I'm playing and doing something in another tab, and I'm relying on a sound cue to know when it's my move. I'm using the most recent version of firefox, if you need any more information then please let me know :)


So...  I had a rummage opn my PC and found a toolbar installed that was supposed to give me free advertizing (grrr).  After uninstalling that I've had no problems.  You might want to consider cleaning up any extra "add-ons" like this which your browser might have...


Yeah sound is still not working on this hp computer. Its a bit annoying


I've firefox, latest edition (& no toolbars, but I do use NoScript add-on which is presently stopping six other sites from running scripts here) and have not experienced any sound problems.


Ive had this if ive played on iphone.i switched the fone off and on again and prob solved.bizarre.also if someone calls in the middle of a game(when sound has bn working) after the call the sound goes off.

I too have this issue on two different computers.  Sometimes the opponent's move triggers a sound; other times it does not.  Using Firefox on both computers.  It's a big disadvantage when your clock is running when you think it's your opponent's move!


Just to reiterate...  Killing the add-ins certainly helped.  But I upgraded to Win 10 recently and had this problem for a day.  Then I rebooted and it went away.  Not sure if it's 100% fixed...


For me there is often no sound when opponent moves.  Rebooting the PC fixes for a while.  Nothing to do with browser or toolbars.  Windows 10. Lost tons of games not noticing opponent had moved.


So whats the solution for a apple mac? Everything was great till 2 weeks ago?


No sound most of the time with safari on a Mac.  Makes it hard to play, can't tell when the other person moves.  Please fix!  I deleted my cookies but no help.  


I use a Mac and play on Safari. Same problem as everyone else. Sound goes after the first couple of moves in a game and doesn't return. It's spoiling my enjoyment and I think I'll have to stop playing until a solution is found.


just upgraded my Mac to newest OS, and now have this same problem. sound effect works for a move or two, then silent. a problem in blitz. let me know if any work-rounds.


Thanks guys. Working on this! For some reason Safari hates our sounds...


I have the same problem in Chrome.


I have the same issue, pretty annoying in bullet-games


Firefox 41.0.2, Windows 8.1 Pro, everything up-to-date...


If I was guessing (and I'm a software engineer, so I'm fairly well qualified to guess) then I'd guess that this is caused by an unitialized variable somewhere.  I still get the problem now I've moved to Windows 10 and reinstalled Java.  I was getting it yesterday in a game where I only heard some moves.  Every few moves the sound would switch on/off - seemingly completely at random.  If your engineers have a new program they would like me to beta test I'd be happy to help out.  But this issue clearly isn't fixed.


I have this problem as well.  I use firefox at work and a samsung tablet at home.  I dont know the exact android operating version.