Watching Chess

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    Why are we being force fed other people's games in the middle of our own games in progress ?.

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    who said so?

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    Watching Chess (the real game)


    for entertainment.

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    Is there no way to stop these continual interruptions ?

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    What are you talking about?

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    There seems to be a function whereby we can view other games in progress. In my case I am shown these games [whether I wish  to view them or not]  while my own games are in progress, which I find distracting. I should like to know if I can avoid this.

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    hmm... try asking in the help/support thread too. It may be more closely monitored by those who can help.

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    I'd certainly want to avoid that too... putting it mildly.

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    While playing a live online tournament, i had set (part of) the screen to display the standings, but every now and then the Alerts tab was highlited, and it was always the same freaking alert about some titled player's live game! Different alerts would be distracting, too, but those identical ones were stupid on top...

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    Many thanks to Whaleeyman for the advice. That has erased one of the irritating facets of the site. Only one more to go. Smile

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