What do you do when someone refuses to move?


yea i know the fealing,


one guy even said he was going to wait untill i timed out.


how can people go that far just to win :/


This is really bad Etiquette, and it has happend to me some times too. What to do? I believe he do have all the rights in the world to wait to move, but as i said its really bad etiquette. Dont know if this happends most to you in live chess or Correspondence chess, but anyway you can try ask him gently to keep moving. If it is in live chess you can just hide the window, start another match and just check the other game once in a while. Eventually he will lose on time, or make a move. Just have patiance. But i agree with you. Its really frustrating.


You have nothing else to do than wait. They will lose on time or you will finally win, in months :(


Just cancel the game--neither will win. I just did it to you a minute ago!



I share your pain! I hated how half the people I would play on Yahoo would abuse the game by disconnected, letting the 10 minutes run out, etc. It was so dumb and annoying.

The problem still happens here on Live Chess but it's not as bad as Yahoo. Although because Chess.com doesn't have a 10 mins./move rule, I've had to wait like 15-20 minutes sometimes for people's timers to run out after they disconnected or just stopped playing =/


I've had that problem at a club... I wsa begin a bit rude but he was still a low rating and dedicated in beating me... I would just say go an do something else until you hear your opponent has made a move.


If youre playing chess not on the computer, slap them in the face. Innocent


All you can do is wait for them to resign, timeout, or hope they start moving again.



Why sit there>?  Get up and walk around, make sure the family jewels are safe and secure, and catch percious moments with the loved ones, all while being "en garde" for a rapid attempt at catching you napping.  Wink


Just leave the game. Dont waste your time waiting


    That's never happened to me Tim.  It has to be newer ratings new to chess competition.  Juat make sure to make your moves and let them lose on time. Unless you are playing Anika or AwardChess.  They take all three days to move, because they are playing 1000 games apiece. 

    Maybe you need to play blitz games on Live Chess. 


Win on time?


while you wait to win on time you can start a new game.


I haven't experienced it that much on live chess, but I have come across it during correspondence chess.

Usually it occurs when my opponent is in a losing position. They seemed to be playing pretty quickly, until they lose the advantage and then suddenly they log off. It's happened before when I had mate in 1 or 2, and then the opponent logs off, despite having played the rest of the game at a good pace. It's just extremely irritating, but unfortunately what can we do. Some might do it so that if they lose other games first their rating change won't be as significant? I don't know...

Whenever it is clear that my opponent has mate in how ever many moves, I resign or play until the end, take the defeat graciously, say thanks for a good game and move on. It's just general etiquette and respect.


Helldweller:  I think it is not so much the darkside as it is people's real character that they try so hard to hide from others in the real world.

Like so many complex things:  Chess does not build character so much as it reveal it.

I believe your general sporting attitude to be wholly correct, but I fear,and am saddened, that you may be an endangered species.  Smile


i hate when people do it after a couple of mmoves then when they lose on time you dont even get any points!!!


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If it's a 14 day per move game, my advice is don't sit there waiting for them you will get dehydrated.


Personally I dont understand why those people dont just resign rather than waiting for a time-out. Just resigning is better manners.