Why my time always runs out faster (bullet)?


i premove like a mofo.  i get about 12 seconds ahead of the guy.  he doesn't move that fast.  i don't take long on each move.   next thing i know i lose on time.   doesn't happen every time, but happens a lot. 


I understand now. I think it does have to do with chess.com premium users getting more time maybe try using another website


I just played a game, using premove and waiting for the guy to make his move, i somehow ran out of time.   


just played another game, did a premove, waited for him to move, while my premove happened i watched the opponent's time go up a second.  he gained time!  


hahah, i just watched my time go from 3 seconds to out of time.    this has nothing to do with lag. 

Clver_Cat wrote:
accountclosed99 wrote:

lose a queen and lose 10s? who the hell put that in your head?! you spend 10s on a move, you lose 10s on the clock! and you have lost count of how many kings you have had in your hand? what do you mean?

😆 woah calm down

But lose a queen and lose 10s is quite funny 

New game mode?


It is server lag.  Ive had it happen to me multiple times in both ways.  Thats why you have to play with a good, reliable computer with good, reliable wifi


god i love waiting for my opponent to move and suddenly i'm out of time and he has 13 seconds left. 


pay no attention to that man behchesspawn.pngnd the curtain