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    there is more to this puzzle but the editor would not let me add it so this is all  I could put...

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    This is a mate in 2. It's just one of my ideas.

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    Hey chessgm8. Nice idea but flawed.

    1.Nc5 can be countered by 1...c6!, 1...Nc6!, 1...Rd1!, 1...Kd8! and 1...Kb8! preventing mate in 2 and winning easily for black. Also after 1.Nc5 Nd6 2.Rh8+ Ne8 3.Rxe8 is mate in 3.

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     An example of a Crosspin.

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    I saw this in a game, I think Nicholas Rossolimo was white. I was impressed.





    I saw this in a game. Nicholas Rossolimo was white. I was impressed.

    Difficulty: HARD.





    Nice little puzzle, I'd say it's quite hard, but not too hard.

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    recent game...

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    Well then, how about it?

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    I just finished this one recently, Black can win a queen, or mate in 4+ moves depending on how unsportsmanlike White is :P

    Also, check the move list after you solve it.

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    a game i played a few days ago...got a nice puzzle out of it. :)

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    Haha, how did you even get to that position? :P

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    If after Nd4+, Ka3, then Nb5+ fork for the Queen without material loss.  So the best move for white is to take the knight on d4 since the Queen will be lost on the next move no matter what white decides to play.

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    Patzer24 wrote:

    "message user DailyPuzzle with the puzzle position in FEN format along with the solution and the level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard).

    I don't think we're supposed to be posting them here :P

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    A nice king-in-the-corner queenless mate in 3 from one of my own games (I was playing black) difficulty: easy/medium

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    Hey inexperienced expert, doesn't 1...Rxa5! refute Black's mating net?

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    miyagi wrote:
    White mates in 2 moves

    can u please tell the solution...casue it looks impossible to mate in 2

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    Why do I get a blank image when I'm having pressed the "insert position or game" then selected Puzzle .... and "continue"


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