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Daily Puzzle Submissions! *Be Involved*

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    Are there any specific legal observations that need be taken into concideration? For instance, are you allowed to copy and publish a puzzle from a copyrighted book?

    This question has probably been answered before, but I can't be asked to go through this whole thread in order to find out, sorry. :)

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    How do you post chess boards! 👿

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    Level - Easy

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    Screener wrote:

    How do you post chess boards! 👿


    Click the chessboard icon at the top left hand-side in the reply box, and follow the instructions.

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    What's that joke, ThomasX ? In your puzzle 2.Qh5 is way stronger, probably a mate in 5-6 moves.

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    apple127 wrote:
    hold on forkman, isn't the first move knight d6 mate?
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    my last one was pretty easy.

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    here's another one. 

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    did you like my last 2?

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    Here is a game I just played. The tactics are near the end with a very aesthetic checkmate. Use them if you want to.

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    Screener, that second one is a one-mover.  1. Bf7#.

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    This game has a forced mate in six (according to computer analysis) beginning on the 18th move. Use it if you want to.

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    This is probably my best puzzle yet. Black to move and win material in 4 moves.

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    in the last puzzle rook h5                                                                                                              


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