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    linus911 wrote:


    heres mine!










    hope you like it!

    Nice trick,got me,never thought of castling,very clever

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    LYCAN148 wrote:

    easy mate in 1

    Bb5,or Bb3 should be mate in 1,black's Q and R are pinned on either side,but K can not move into check from Qc3, 1.Qb2...KxQb2,do not see mate in one!!! 


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    LYCAN148 wrote:

    easy mate in 1

    Either B should be able to mate in one ,since Q and both R's are pinned so neither can take whichever B you check with,even if you could take B you would be in check with Q.Can you explain this to me,I'm confused

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    chesscrazy127 wrote:
    mate in 2
    the difficuty is easy......

    If Kxa2,it's mate in two with white R to a file, I think it's Ra6,or Ra5,I do not have puzzle in front of me,but it's still a mate in two as long as R goes to a file#

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    This is from a game of mine and recreated from memory, so it might need editing to make it better. 

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    i did this too someone it is an easy one

    mate in 3

    oh never mind there are 2 solutions you could sac the rook and double check for mate

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    White to play and mate in 4:

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    The position comes from a game that I actually played; however, I didn't think of and analyze the winning combination until after the fact (in the real game I moved my rook away from f1).

    White to mate in 6 moves, or else Black loses his queen.  I'd say that move order is very important here.  I'd appreciate if any of you could check whether the mate shown in the puzzle is forced, and whether there's a faster way (assuming black doesn't interpose and sacrifice his queen after your second move).

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    This is a hard mate in 2 puzzle I found in a chess pc game.

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    From a game of today ^^

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    Mate in 3

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    An easy puzzle.

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    Lasker Trap:

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    mattjchessum wrote:

    so unrealistic, it's stupid - 2 white bishops. and Qd4# is mate without wasting time.

    um, white is in check

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