Fearless Warrior


Two weeks ago, Major Yehuda Natan Cohen was killed in battle in the northern Gaza Strip, a 25-year-old from Mishdom Mahola, a company commander in the Givati patrol. Yehuda was an outstanding athlete and also a talented chess player who was one of the representative team of the Jordan Valley-Tiberias club in the league games. His teammate, Assaf Sofer, testifies that he was a "serial victimizer who strives for contact and attacks... His games were always wild-tempered, with surprising tactics." A faithful example of his style is the position in front of us from one of his battles, which we received from Assaf: with less than a minute left on his watch Yehuda pulled out, with the weapons Rim, the decisive ruse that so crippled his bold approach to the struggle. How?

Source translated from: Israeli Chess Federation


I literally tried every possible move and couldnt figure it out


Yeah, it’s a tough one! Haha


weoww I got it in four tries XD


I found it pretty quickly, but it helped to know that there was a tactic to look for; I might well have missed it in an actual game.

The bishop on the long diagonal screams out for tactical opportunities if the pawn can be cleared out of the way.


I got that! Thanks for posting the beautiful tribute. זיכרונו לברכה


Only needed one hint XD, the title gave it away that I had to sacrifice the queen...


that was a good puzzle and a neat story