Great endgame study

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    boggles my simple mind...

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    That was fun! I really like puzzles/situations that require underpromotions.

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    Wow. I had to think for a while to understand why the third underpromotion had to be a rook. Great stuff. Is this what GM's actually do in their heads OTB, or are these studies just a technical showoff?

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    lol....that's awesome!

    the bishop/rook underpromotions I don't get though

    EDit: nvm...already explained

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    Unbelievable.  Positions like this are the reason I love playing chess.

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    Splane wrote:

    The second and third underpromotions are forced. In both cases promoting to a queen draws after 1 ... c1/Q+  2. Nxc1 Kxc4I'+  3. Qxe5 stalemate.

    I'm afraid I don't see for what reason Qxe5 is a necessary move in that line (3. Kb2), the move list shows a more accurate order...
    This was a most ridiculous study. Incredible, really.

    Edit: pfren already said this, my bad. Would rather leave what I have than it just leave the ever ambiguous [COMMENT DELETED]

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    Nice one :) I solved it but I has headache now in my head ! ^_^

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    I followed this to the very end. I like the overall idea of the study, I could never come up with a study such as this, but each move is easy to find. I like this study a lot. Thanks for sharing it.

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    That was lovely. Thanks for sharing it. Horribly tough. 

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    Nice puzzle. Couldn't solve it, but the under-promotions were stunning.

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    AMAZING!!! I love this so much. I think the idea of under-promotion is pure beauty. Thank you pfren for this wonderful post. I absolutely love it.

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    vERY COOL!

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    I spent two whole minutes thinking why doesnt black play K*P+ after 14...Bf6???

    And then it dawns on me that its white's move.

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    Tough. I took 30min on this monster. More please.

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