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Helpmate in 2

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    Hi everybody, here is a special chess problem. It is a helpmate in 2 and also a special condition: Andernach chess.

    Helpmate means that black plays first, and black and white cooperate to mate black.

    Andernach chess means that if you capture a piece, the piece you captured with, will turn the other color. Like this: White plays 1.Rxc5=bR. So the rook on c5 turns black. But if he captures with a check, the color still remains the same.

    Here is the puzzle: Helpmate in 2

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    White to move or black to move?

  • #3

    It's not helpmate in one?

    1.Rxb4=bR Rxa6=wR#

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    It's black to move. It's in the description, but I forgot to set the diagram on black to move... Now it's fixed Wink

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    Does checkmate count as check?

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    There is nothing in Andernach Chess that says the piece doesn't change color in the event of a check. Moves like Rc6xa6(=wR)?? are illegal self-checks.

    Sol: 1.Rxc5(=wR) Rc4 2.Ka4 Ra3#

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    Congratulations BigDoggProblem

    1.Rxc5=wR Rc4 2.Ka4 Ra3# is the correct answer!!

  • #8

    White's side, look at the coordinates Wink.


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