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Mate in 3 (Hard)

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    #19 there is a mate in one// Bb4#  They are very nice games but some are difficult as puzzles since the moves are not forced and many possible solutions are available.  Thanks very much it is nice that you are giving us somethinf stimulating. also #20 could be solved faster after black's Qg8 white can mate with Rh2#

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     ithink if you connect your rooks it would be better

  • #43
    knightmare_0615 wrote:

     ithink if you connect your rooks it would be better

    hahaha amateurs... always make me laugh!

  • #44

    in #125 if the white pawn at d2 moves to d4 its check mate in 1 move inst it?

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    pralhad10 wrote:

    you can skip the jazz with the rook, just check with biship, forced move is king down 1, then mate with queen. People over think.

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    Nice puzzles...

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    Not trying to be harsh, but you either need to A stop making puzzles out of your league, or make a correct puzzle. None of these are correct, your last for example..... rook takes knight... pawn is forced to march... then checkmate with queen... thats mate in 2.

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    nice one


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