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    i plan to do some  tactics on a real board... i am using "WINNING CHESS" by Chernev and Reinfeld


    i also do tactics trainer here but OTB i see tactics not so fast or not at all!

    i tried once to start a topic to make puzzles out of this book but it's much work... i can better take pictures when i have set up the board... first a picture where i thought of this

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    i plan to do 3 a day .. but don't hold me to it :)

    first 2 are white to play... the last one black to play

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    i will make the foto's from the side who has the move.... i don't know if i have to give the solutions of the last 3?? here they are

    #1 1.Qh4+, Kg8   2.Qg3+m, Kh8   3. Bc3 ...wins the queen

    #2 1.RxR, exR   2. e6, QxQ   3. KtxQ  ... the bishop is lost e6 takes it

    #3 1. ..., Bxh2+  2. Kh1, Bc6 ... wins the queen

    the next 3

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    maybe i should say it's all about pins... when chapter changes to knight forks i'll mention it... now solutions of the tactics above

    #1 = 1...Bc5 , 2. Rd3. RxB, 3.RxR. Re8

    #2 = 1.KtxP. BxKt , 2. RxB. QxB CANNOT (Bd5!) queen retreats 3.RxKt

    #3 = 1.KtxB . RxKt , 2.BxKt. RxB . 3.b6 wins the Bishop

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    the first is BLACK to move ... the second WHITE

    i cannot get the pictures in ..very strange... i get yesterdays pictures (above) wich are deleted from my computer ??... i'll try tommorow :((  

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    still the same problem today...

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