Shortest-proof-game challenge


Well, if they aren't allowed, can stubborn_d0nkey message me with his problem?

browni3141 wrote:
cobra91 wrote:

The 48 hours are up, but unfortunately we have a tie, with 1 "yes" vote and 1 "no" vote. So as much as I hate to delay round 10 further, it will have to wait until another vote comes in (the next vote will decide the issue immediately).

Unless you're not counting my vote because I didn't explicitly say "yes", then it should be 2 yes, 1 no, or if you count jet's it's 2 yes, 2 no.

Well, you didn't make it altogether clear that you were actually voting, but if you were then I guess it wasn't really a tie. And without a tie, it makes little sense to count any votes that came in after the initially specified deadline, so the final count is 1 "no" vote and 2 "yes" votes. This means that, starting with round 10, whoever has won the privilege to start a round may post a [non-ambiguous] set of conditions to be met (in addition to the option of sticking with the usual diagram format). To win such rounds one must merely reach a position satisfying the conditions in  fewer moves than anyone else (at the end of one week from when the problem was given, as before).


jetfighter13 wrote: no

thb1973 wrote: If you are counting both votes, I vote no.

I apologize for not counting these votes, but the time limit was clearly specified in post #131. I realize you only voted because there seemed to be a tie, but still...why didn't you vote earlier?! I hope you'll both compete in future rounds anyway, though - we don't have a lot of participants at the moment.


Why hasn't round 10 started yet? Where is stubborn_d0nkey? Does he not know that the right to give the next position/description was passed off to him? Or does he not yet know that the rule change regarding textual problems has already been voted through? If stubborn_d0nkey doesn't post this problem of his soon, then browni3141 should come up with something, since he won the last round.


At this point I think it's fairly safe to say that stubborn_d0nkey has simply abandoned the thread, so I'd appreciate it if browni3141 would either message stubborn_d0nkey in some way, create some sort of position/textual problem for the next round, or appoint someone else to do so ASAP.


Sorry, I haven't really been following the thread the past couple days. stubborn_d0nkey messaged me with his problem, but I think it may be too difficult for casual enjoyment. It would require some research on the 8 queens problem if you don't already know what it is.

"Each side has to have 8 queens and a king. Each set of queens by themselves have to be a solution to the 8 queens problem and neither king can be in check(mate)."

The more I think about it though the more I think it won't be too hard. Finding the position is the hard part, getting there isn't so hard.


^ It would still be better than nothing :(

EDIT: Oops, I see you added the problem to the previous post just as I typed this. Lol... well, this should be an interesting round, anyway :p

EDIT 2: Clarification will be needed on whether extra material is allowed (besides the 8 queens and king for each side).


I think the intent was for each side to have 8 queens and a king, and nothing more. That is what is expected here.


Only 2 days remaining, people! Yell 

Since round 10 is almost over and the 1st attempt has yet to be made, I think I'll give this one a shot and see what happens =D


Okay - here's a rushed and rather sloppy attempt for everyone to beat:

49 moves.

Round 10 has ended (in fact, time expired more than 18 hours ago), so it looks like I won. I'm actually somewhat disappointed at that, mainly because my solution was so long-winded and should have been beaten. This was more of a "victory by default" that resulted from a tremendous lack of participation. Oh well... here are the conditions to be met for round 11:

1. All border squares (that is, all squares on the 1st rank, 8th rank, a-file, and h-file) must be occupied.

2. All pieces sharing a file must be the same color.

3. All pieces sharing a rank must be of the same type (i.e. rooks, knights, queens, etc.).

The start time is 1:53 p.m. PDT on April 24. On your mark...get set...GO! Laughing


Because every rank has squares on the 1st or 8th rank, there can be no pawns on the board. Total is 28, so at least 12 pawns have to promote, and no more than 4 pieces have to be captured (most likely going to be 4 pawns).

Seems like quite the challenge, I'm on it :p


First try. I'll have a look if I can make it more efficient later this week.


I find it incredible that people even got a solution to the first puzzle.


One question:

Did the new rule help any?

In my opinion, all the rule did was that it made more options for the final solution, but it looks much more complicated. I would wager to say that people feel that it is too complicated. Therefore, they give up before even bothering to try and find a solution which is right there.

Therefore, I think that we should go back to the original rule for at least a while(whether or not it officially gets changed), so that people will be more inclined to participate.


Cobra91 didn't post after my solution. I hope he sees this thread soon... Can I post a new challenge? Because if so, I'll have to start looking for something nice :p


I think you can post now because it's more than 3 weeks now.


yes, you won.


Okay, no reaction, so here we go.

In the central 16 squares of the board, there will be 16 pieces: 4 queens, 4 rooks, 4 bishops and 4 knights. Each rank (3-6), each file (c-f) and every 2x2 block (c3-c4-d3-d4, e3-e4-f3-f4, etc) contains exactly 1 of each of those pieces, and contains exactly 2 white pieces and 2 black pieces.

The kings are placed on the rim/corners of the board: they cannot touch the central pack.

Challenge starts at May 28th, 10:40 GMT.

I expect/hope to see many attempts, because it really isn't hard to reach such a position. The challenge is to do it in as few moves as possible.

Good luck all!


Is this ok?