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Tactics Trainer broken?

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    Not sure about this, but it seems since a couple of days the "unrated" settings of TT do not work properly anymore.

    I have set a certain (easy) ratings range I want to do unrated TT, but TT does not give me puzzles inside that range but gives me puzzles close to my actual TT rating which is different (higher) and outside of the range I have manually set.

    Until a couple of days ago this was working just fine.... anybody else is experienced this error??

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    I've been experiancing this problem as well

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    Maybe you didn't click confirm or whatever that button is.

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    Please try press the "Customise" as you enter TT and limit the puzzles to 800 to 900 press the "Save Settings" button and press "Start Training" and see if the puzzles are actually between 800 to 900.  Thanks 

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    The filtering is actually working but when you compete the puzzle it is not displaying the rating of the problems correctly.

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    GAVissie, when you check the unrated box, what ratings min & max do you have yours set too so I can try and replicate this?

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    Ugh! ok I can see it.  I'll get this reported today.

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    Danke, I_broke_bad :-)

    I have exactly experienced the same problem as I_broke_bad. Thanks Kohai to pick this up.

    I can confirm that say up until 5 days ago, TT was still working "normally". One must assume they changed the software somewhere/somehow.

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    What I do not understand is that, until some days ago, the setting of unrated, manual range was working perfectly alright! My TT rating is around 1300, and I set the manual range to really easy from 400 to 1000 and it gave me puzzles anywhere within this range in random fashion. 

    Now in unrated, every puzzle it gives me is exactly at my level of 1300 +/- maybe 10 points. And this DESPITE I HAVE SET AND SAVED THE MANUAL RANGE TO 400 - 1000.

    I really want that the moderators will explain to us if this new behaviour is working as intended or if it is a bug, and if so if it is being looked into.

    TT is one of the main reasons I have diamond membership, and if this problem is not getting solved I definitely think of cancelling my membership. Thank you.



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    Seems to be resolved now (as of 12/03/2013).


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