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Training puzzle #3

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    I find it hard to believe black has 2 dark squared bishops...

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    I thought 1Rg3 did a good job of winning queen for rook, but ...Bxf4 seems to get him out of it.  The correct solution line wins queen for minor piece, and seems sound.

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    Oh right good point, black has two black bishops... i made this puzzle myself so you can see the mistake in it. Whats worse, the two bishops matter as i didn't even see Rg3, (which includes the bishop on c7) so i can't change it! ugh. Keep it like this then... it may not help you real chess in a way, but it will "train" your "tactics" which will help your chess... So it sort of does. Its quite close to real chess anyway yes? Oh well, never mind.


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