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Weakness of lagged development

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    This came from a 15 minute unrated game of mine.  As usual, tell me if there's a mistake with the tactic.  (As a note, the moves for white are my opponent's responses.)

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    I think this correct.

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    I'm not sure I understand.  What happens after 4. Raxc1?

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    In a game, there exists a few degree of tactics. Sometimes, a tactic leads to mate, other tactics win material, and remains this one that only improve position advantage.

    The tactic above improve material advantage.

  • #5

    what happens after Raxc1? Is that it?

  • #6

    After Raxc1, black can save the queen with something like Bd6 and be up a piece. That is the point of the puzzle, winning material, as cavalcanti explained.


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