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What Would You Do Here?

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    I wasn't sure where to post this.  This is from a game I lost. I played black.

    If this can be called a puzzle, I'm sure it is a simple one for most here.  I'm not that good and I'm just wondering what's best to do here.

    It's was my move (black) at this point. 

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    Bleemp, white to move or black? (confusing text and footnote)

    If white´s turn: 1.Nxf6+, Qxf6; 2.Bxb4 and have an extra piece. 

    If black´s turn: 1. ..., dxe4; 2. Bxb4, exf3; 3. Bxf8, fxe2; 4. Qxe2, Qxf8 and be 2 pieces up for a rook.


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