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When I am hungry

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    This looked like a nice puzzle

    to play and win.

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          A game lost because of disconnecting of my opponent 

      After 23...Qxf4 i give mate in a few moves. In this moment i had 1.45 minutes - time enough for a whole game. Just here my opponent disconnected and  the screen became frozen for about 2 minutes . When it normalized at last , i saw message that i have lost the game 

      I must say this is not the first time to happen to me but it is the firs time 1.45 minutes (too much) to be eaten from my clock.

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    An interesting way to relax ... from too much thinking too...

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    echecs06 wrote:

    WhenI am hungry:

    Do't show food!

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    Something delicious from time to time ...

                                      White to play and win in 47 moves

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    nice Cool

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                 A small correction - white win in 46 moves, not in 47 

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    Which side is white?

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    May be not white, but green ... Wink

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    nswwsn wrote:

    Which side is white?

    If Mario and Bowser are the kings then Mario's side would be white.

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     #362 can have many solutions,here is the one i have in mind :

      ( for convenience Mario will be from the our side )

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          34.Qg4 is may be the best move, but the next Alekhine's move - 34...Rf7 is not the best defence.What could happen if Alekhine played 34...Rg8 ?

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    How can the king go there on the first move? Is the board not flipped or something?

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    An old analysis gives 34...Rg8! 35.fg6 Kg7 36.Rd7+! Bxd7 37.Qxd7+ Kxg6 38.Bd3 with a winning attack. Actually Houdini is sure this is equal: 38...Kh6! 39.Qh3+ (if 39.Nxf6 then 39...Qxf6! 40.Qh7+ Kg5 41.Rg1+ Kf4 42.Rf1+ Ke3 43.Rxf6 Rh8! with a small advantage to Black) Kg7 40.Rg1+ Qxg1+ 41.Kxg1 Nxe4 42.Bxe4 Rac8.

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    VULPES_VULPES, yes, may be it is because the board is not flipped...

    IM pfren, thanks for your post . I tried this position with Fritz (an old version ) and he (it) gave the same line :
    The position looks equal, but i think white have an advantage : white pawn ' h ' can go ahead in comparison with black's pawn ' f ' which is very difficult to move.
    If the pawn becomes to ' h7 ' there could be difficulties for black.What will Houdini say about this plan ?
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                White to play and win

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    This doesn't look good for black
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    When I am hungry

    I eat.


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