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When I am hungry

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    I also :-)

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    It is very difficult for white to win in this line ( if possible at all ).

    The solution is much more clear.

  • #343

    Sherlock, I'm posting my solution later 'cos I'm using a phone right now.

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  • #345

    If this worked,could be a very nice solution,unfortunately there is 3...Rxe6

  • #346
    Sherlock__Holmes wrote:






    Who wins ?

    Way back to post #14. White can win in here, or maybe at least draw it.

    White is better now. Black can't chase down the h6 pawn. And the Rook is more than enough to cause disasters.

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    Third times the charm
  • #348

    @StrategicPlay Caiello posted a win for #14 same idea except 13) Bg8+ 14)Bb3+ ! 15)Bxc2+ Qxc2 16)Rxc2

  • #349

    Oh. I didn't know. I checked this forum for the first time yesterday.

  • #350

    And yes, that's even better for White.

  • #351

    Nswwsn, yes, this is the solution :)

    Strategic Play , in the beginning of the blog there are very interesting puzzles,more of them are solved, but i think there are not solved too...

  • #352

                               Gobble your opponent's pieces like this :    

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    Tongue Out

  • #354

                             Found an interesting puzzle ...              





    White to play and win

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    Hi,i will post #361 in the other mode :

          The author is D.Nikolayev

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    Sherlock__Holmes wrote:

    You gave the right idea !

    The rest of the solution will be:



    Why not 59. Qd3+ Ka1 

    Then white can no longer check and black can promote his pawn to a queen.

  • #358

    dekaleaas , please point the number of the puzzle you mean - in your post the diagram can not be seen ( i can't see it ).

  • #359

    I can't see it also !

  • #360

    In Tactics Trainer there are very interesting positions. I can't help re-posting one that i met recently :


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