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    Sherlock__Holmes wrote:

    The next puzzle is from the real game - Rosolimo - NN .

    For me this is one of the most brave combinations :

    ( pay special attention to 4 th and 5 th white's moves )

                                      white to play and win


    Are you just going to leave us hanging until we figure it out?

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    I've seen this before somwhere, is it this?:

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    You should consider 4...Qe6.

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    Caiello gave the solution, i think this puzzle is suitable to end this blog .

    There are a lot of interesting puzzles more - maybe, after some time ...

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    White to play and win

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    I think I've got it:

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          Yes, your solution is correct. And there is another interesting line :                  

                                        The author is  H.Rinck

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    Haha, in that variation 8. Nd6+ wins as well but hardly as beautiful or strong as 8. a8=Q. Lovely mate!


    Truely a powerful knight in this position.

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    With this puzzle H.Rinck won 1st Prise on Barcelona tourney - 1914 .

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                  A position from the game  Patens -Tilson - 1964

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    Almost immediately I recognized the position, I saw this a long time ago in tactics trainer. Then, I missed the correct continuation... maybe that is why I remember the solution now =)

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    What happens after 59...ka1 in the first puzzle?(post 8)

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    Shoopi, i didn't know this position was in tactics trainer - obviously there is already almost everything interesting there :)

    Snar, there was my mistake in the notation in post #8 , i corrected it , you can see it now, thanks for turning my attention on it :)

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                             Korchnoi about chess and hypnosis














             When humans are playing chess, it is very often complete hypnosis

    During the recent veterans’ tournament in Suzdal, Russia, 80-year-old Victor Korchnoi talked to Vladimir Barsky and Alexander Bykhovsky (see the photo above). The legendary player, never one to shy away from expressing his opinions in forceful terms, talked about the young generation and expressed the view that Magnus Carlsen achieves his success due to “hypnotic abilities”.  

    In the interview at ChessPro he says:

       In the new edition of my "Selected Games" I’ve added some things. For example, a game which I won in the 1974 match against Mecking. The key game of the whole match was the seventh. I could have lost it and then Mecking might have won the match. I’d been utterly outplayed!      

    Nevertheless, I managed to adjourn the game in an endgame a pawn down. He’s a serious player and had won two interzonal tournaments, and I was a pawn down; in general, I’d already written myself off… And what happened? I won that adjourned game! A pawn down, in the endgame! And I started to ask myself: how’s such a thing possible?

    Read more here : Korchnoi on Carlsen, Karjakin and Caruana | WhyChess


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    i love all of these puzzles! you rock! Tongue Out

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    nobody likes to be manipulated 

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    Ah, that's a fabulous one. Someone posted this here on the forums a while ago. I wrongly analysed 1. g6 Be5 2. Qxe5+ dxe5 3. g7, struggling to find a win.


    The solution is brilliant.

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    Seriously, does no one notice that in the first puzzle, white's first move is illegal?

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