Do you think mods should be paid?


Do you think that mods (help) should be paid? Some of them are on several hours a day, thats like a part time job.. what do yall think?


Volunteers are the life blood of sites like this and are usually motivated by a love of chess. Paying such volunteers would no doubt impact negatively on membership fees etc, which is unlikely to be good for the site at large.

Unless you're planning to pay them iwi20?    ;o) 


That's preposterous, I am here about 8 hours a day.


Not to mention the forum.


i dont think they should get paid


Well I don't know what all those other mods are smoking but I'd take $ anyday :P.


On the other hand, as long as no one puts any pressure on us (we are volunteers) it's not a difficult job and it's a great way to help out the site.


naaa i dont think so. because anyone could sign up 4 that and then not help people or give bad adivce


I was asked to be a live chess help person almost eight months ago .... i spent a lot of time in the forums and in live chess then, and still do.

The reason: because i was/am giving something back to a site i am a member of and showing my support. I love being a part of this site, seeing it grow and being a part of that, seeing the good side and the bad and still supporting the site whatever.

i volunteer many hours on live chess because i want too, not because i have too. 

I am now staff on here, but that doesn't mean i stopped volunteering my spare time to the site.... i still do that .. alot. But again, its because i want too, not because i have too.

I enjoy volunteering my time as a live chess help ... [emphasis on the word "enjoy" ]

Its not  an obligation or burdon - if it were, i wouldn't do it.

To me, money never came into it, i'd still support the site in whatever way i could regardless.


i dont think mods should be paid either, i was just wondering what everyone thought about it..