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Dogs vs. Cats!

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    Hello chess community,

    There is currently a hot debate going on in the International 10 Minute Vote Chess Group about which animal is better, cats or dogs? Our super admin, Skattalsma, proposed a challenge between the Chess Charges and The International 10 Minute Vote Chess Group called Dogs vs. Cats. It has been accepted. Everyone who likes cats better than dogs, please join the Chess Chargers, and join the vote chess game to show your support for cats! Everyone who likes dogs better than cats, please join the International 10 Minute Vote Chess Group and join the vote chess game to show your support for dogs!

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    I like both!

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    Well, we would appreciate it if you join the Chess Charges and join the cats!

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    dogs are the best! i hate cats Yell

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    Sorry to hear that Julia, cats are outrageous too. They can be extremely intelligent. My cat seems to understand everything I say (though most times he give a hoot). Once I decided not to feed him on days when he treated the litter box as optional. When he came upstairs asking to be feed, I said "No!" You should have seen his jaw hit the floor!

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    In the movie "The Wizard of Oz"  a woman complained that Toto the dog chased her cat.  In Dorothy's dream she was - you guessed it - the wicked witch of the west. 

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    I like both and I will ALWAYS like both.

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    Dogs use the street for a john and shag your leg.

    Cats win by default.

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    I love both!

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    You have to walk the dog and clean up its poop.  The walk is healthy but not if you don't want to do it :)  For that reason I prefer cats.

    But cats also like a fair amount of alone time so it's good if I have to work or something.

    There are some dogs that are so awesome though.  If I had the 'ideal' dog, I'm sure I'd be more willing to accomodate that other stuff.  And dogs can actually defend and scare off intruders...

    Anyway, we had birds.  Now we have two cats.  Maybe some day a dog, but probably just cats.

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    It looks like the cat won. I saw the video.

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