gg ... ty


yeah, I just answered 'gg' with 'ty'.


I like it.


Again learned something from my English speaking friends : I think it means Thank You, and I will use it also, hoping everybody abroad understands it !

Just kidding ; there is another forum about abbreviations, we cannot live without them, but often they create questions by non-English speaking people, fyi, tbh, wtf, idk,lmao,lmfo,imho,ofc, dgt, gtg,brb,ofc,lol, diy,aud, aka,omg,otb,atm,imo,btw, hes and more,    TY   !

Before reactions come up, "normal" abbreviations are accepted and I use them, USA, UK, BMW, KLM, and in Dutch SMS-language  FF and W8 etc...