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Google Street View fun

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    Just today i happend to watch a scene at a roadside...

    there is nothing much in it


    but later something blinked and i wanted to go back and check it again...'


    i was really wantering here and there .. dont know how to get there back.... the problem of a real man in a strange land abroad......

    but some how i managed to reach the point..... and see it again....



    so i decided to wander again and try to reach the start point again...  that is going to be a fun and task



    every tourister just need to remember the street names and land marks in a real situation.. and if possible the south and north too...


    travel and enjoy...

  • #2

    I have no sence of directoin if I get lost I will end up in Timbuckto wcich is in the middile of nowhere, but I"ll still be somewhere heheheheLaughing

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    even i will be like that friedy..

    and the olden system of vastu was so perfect that everybody know where is south where is west.. no matter where ever they go... but these days everyone tells in relative terms.. like right / left for ways


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