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Help with measuring tank

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    Does what you need i think

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    Thanx, bronstenitz, that does about the same as kco's link. looks like the only way is to play around with the levels till you hit the litres you want.

    I'll get stuck into that just now, thanx for the help, all.

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    there, it done up to half way (see #14), should be able to work out the rest.  

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    I do not get it. You seem to say now that you have the litres and want to calculate the height? Normally people measure the height of their fuel, put it in the calculator and get the liters.

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    Geez, thanx kco.

    bronsteintz, i want to be able to read litres from the dipstick, without having to carry a conversion sheet around with me.

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    Partial volume of horizontal cylinder:

         L = side length of the cylinder shell
         d = internal diameter of the cylinder
         r = radius of the cylinder = d/2
         h = height of liquid in the cylinder

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    Ok, then you have to effectively put your markers and introduce them in the model and write for every marker the liters next to it....

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    Engraving is harder than I thought :(

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    No comments? No applause for my masterpiece?

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    Hey ! well done, hope it work. *applause* 

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    thanx for the help :)

    If you're ever in south africa, and need some bio-diesel.....

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    Great dipstick man! What do you guys do there? Who is on the picture?

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    We make Bio_Diesel from used cooking oil, we're up to almost 100,000 litres per week now, not bad for a small operation.

    The guy in the picture is Davy, cleaner, runner, chief cook and bottle-washer :)

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    He looks like a good man to have in the team. A bit a gofer. Go for this, go for that, and always well done. Can not be sure, but he looks like that. How do you collect the oil? Mainly from bigger users or from individuals also?

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    Actually, another company collects the oil, (but they are on the same site), mainly from fast food outlets, like KFC, Mac donalds etc.

    We used to use only sunflower oil, and exported used palm oil to Holland, but now we managed to process the palm oil too.

    We're thinking of getting a farm and planting jatropa, but that will take a bunch of cash with no return for a few years.

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    I produce a lot of bio-methane, but no one seems to want to buy it. Surprised


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