How Do I Delete Annoying Posts?


     I can delete posts in my forum that I actually put in, because there is a red
box with the word "delete" above the post, but when someone else puts an
annoying post in my forum there is no "delete" option available.
     Is there a way for me to delete these posts?


Good question, and probably on many users' minds.


You can't. But you can block the person so they can't post in your topics again.

If their posting breaks rules, use the Report Abuse link (found at the bottom of every page). Either their post will be removed or the entire topic will be locked.


You can't, but that's what flame-wars are for!


What happened to freedom of speech?  Dodgy posts get on the nerves but isn't that just par for the course?


If you have actually read the rules to the form, you would have noticed all the things that you can't talk about. So because it's in the rules, you can't argue with them.
I've been here for about two years, and they haven't changed in one bit; so don't go claiming that they are some new addition that you don't apply to, because it works for every person on every corner of the cosmos.