If You Got A Tattoo What Would It Be? - Not One You Already Have


I don't have any tattoos, but if I got one, and I'm not, it would be the word "tattoo" in very tiny letters somewhere on my left leg behind my knee. Kinda like this:





I would never get a tattoo.
Not the question. I wouldn't either. BUT...if you did get one, what would it be, rgp89? See, this is not a forum to sign you up to get a tattoo, just a topic for fun. Maybe you could get a tattoo that says "I would never get a tatoo."

I almost got a tattoo on the back of my neck/back when I was 19. Had I done it I would have been wearing turtle necks for the rest of my life!


That said I thought to get a medieval stag not long ago on my forearm..


Something I always wanted to do but most probably never will.

What about shaving your head and having your own face tattooed on the back of your head so that people wouldnt know if you were coming or going?Tongue out
See, I like that one.
I'd get something like this.
I'd get a chess puzzle tattooed to me back so people could try to solve it at the beach.

for a long time... i've had this idea of getting bugs crawling up/around my leg tattooed ...on my leg. 


i have this horrible girly fear of bugs crawling on me.  ...not of bugs in general.  like if i see a roach, or spider or bee or something, it doesn't bother me.  even flies, maggots or stuff like that.   but... like that aspect of being in the dark and having something crawling on me...really creeps me out.  


tattoo would be like a cathardic release. 

I don't know that I've ever seen a tat like that, but then I'm not a tat fan. That would be interesting if someone could get that inked and it look really 3D.
Ive actually considered getting one (I have none), I thought about getting a baseball with flames coming out from benind it, with the logo of the Detroit Tigers on the ball. i think it would take some real talent to pull it off right.
I hear pulling off tats can be very painful. ;-)
That would have been my second choice.
I already have three tats ... but i think if i got another one, i'd have it done on top right corner of my back [shoulder area] and it'd either be a chess piece, or a chess logo ... like the one chess.com uses.
Sounds like self mutilation to me.
TonyGas wrote: Sounds like self mutilation to me.
perhaps... but that is the individuals' choice and preference.

A tattoo of a Queen

Do you mean someone like Elton John or George Michael Fey Fey?
TonyGas wrote: Do you mean someone like Elton John or George Michael Fey Fey?

A Queen as in a Chess Piece. Not Queen as in the late Freddie Mercury.