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Sharing Music

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    Please join me in sharing music of your choice. I have quite an eclectic taste, I love pop, rock, soul, ballads, the great American songbook and classical music, but please feel free to post your own favourites and I'll listen.

    For those who aren't familiar with the process, visit YouTube, bring up your choice, click on 'share' to copy the link. Access v3 via your browser, come to this thread and click on the 4th icon on the left in the line of icons in the text box and paste the link in the box that appears, click on 'OK' then 'post'.
    It's easy, really!

    I hope you enjoy it. All friendly people welcome!

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    And I love this anarchic one! 

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    Beatles, Pink Floyd, Grand Funk Railroad, Sinatra, Elvis, Toto!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Could you post any, Richard?

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    Sorry Janie as I am a puter dinosaur can you get any of those up for me thank you

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    Let me have a couple of titles to start with, then, Richard.
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    requested by my friend, Tony. 

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    Nice one, Tony, enjoyed that, thank you. 😃
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    requested by friend, Bill. 

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    Good day or evening everyone...😀 Thanks Jane

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    Jane I've got another one for you ' Dolce Vita ' by Ryan Paris .
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    I was having a hard time Jane, I too am a computer dinosaur. However I will practice and hopefully figure it out.

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    Bless you, Bill, Tony, Patrick, I'm glad I'm not Billy No Mates on here 😃
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    However if you can do one song for me.



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    are the Dandy Warhols a newer band.

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    there you go, Tony. Thank you. 

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    I must be mutton Jeff , I didn't hear a thing . Ha,ha .

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