So ... Anyone else been to Vulcan ???

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    It seems that there will not be a Volume 2 of the above metioned series ( the fans were too cheap enough copies of Vol 1 ). 

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    I bought a 1970's Chess Challenger because its creator began development on chess computers after seeing Spock play against a computer on the original series. It's very slow due to its 15k processor, but so am I.

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    Thanks for the post Pineconehenry. I don't think that I've seen one on those but it sounds like a fun machine.

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    I was visiting Youtube earlier and came across a funny video of " Captain Kirk ". It was Kevin Polak doing his stand-up where he plays the part of William Shatner on Star Trek, very funny stuff. 

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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    Well how many " Real " Star Trek fans do we have ? CBS Watch has just put out a beautiful special edition entitled: Star Trek - Heroes and Villians ( this is Volume 1 of their 50 Years Legacy Edition ). So how many visitors here have bought this very nice book ? Volume 2 will be out in September so don't be shy, step right up and buy these items ( if you like Star Trek that is  lol ).

    Well we seem to have another Special Edition in print now ( also for nobody out there to buy  lol ). This time it is being brought out together with Newsweek and is entitled: " Star Trek - 50 Years ". Yup Star Trek was launched in 1966 and 50 years have now passed.  

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    Just recently got the chance to order the whole of the First Series on a set of DVDs ( it covers about 20 discs  lol ). Yup I will be able to enjoy any episode at any time, not bad I must say ! 

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    I grew up watching Star Trek re-runs with my dad, I like the ones with Kirk even if the special effects are cheesy. We would play a game to see who could guess the episode the fastest, of course he had a big advantage over me having seen them all when they first aired.

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